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MEL 1 SelbstheilungIs it possible to be able to determine your own feeling of mind and body independently? Bringing your own mind and body into balance maintaining permanently in the unison?

I say YES, because I do it!

I am in the unison with myself - consistently!

I have got converted my infirmities into starches.

I have recognized that if I feel unwell or unsafe in certain situations, I have to change myself.

In our "programed" society it is of course "more comfortably" to be nasty about others and to accuse each other for the mistakes and weaknesses.

I simply step out from this crowd, because I decided to concentrate on the essentials, on myself.

Fact is, I made use of my right of a „free thinking“ and I am so new.

It is not about whether something is "wrong" or "right. If you are convinced of something, it makes completely no difference to you whether this is classified in the view of others as right or wrong, truth or lie.

Here a small example:

We have two people. It is about the theme, decrease weight.

Person 1 represents and consists on his right, that the conception A is the ultimate solution.

Person 2 represents and consists on his right, that the conception B is the ultimate solution.

Now I come into play, and I claim both sides are right with their statement, although I use my own opinion and a completely different conception for the implementation. You must be always being able to differentiate to whom you are talking about something and above all why. Nevertheless, you cannot assume from the fact that you can talk with all people immediately, about everything. Because no one resembles the other in his thinking and feeling. So why fight mutually? You cannot change another person. Accept, simply the other opinion and remain to yourself loyal! Proof yourself, towards yourself and not towards others.

Think open and be smart, hence, I speak with well-chosen people of such a theme. With people who speak out of my mouth and give me encouragement and inspire me further. Such a basis originates wonderful and harmonic as well as creative long-term and future-oriented connections!

Very briefly, would both sides, person 1 and person 2, simply decide to talk about that issue with like-minded people, would bear enormous fruits. The magic words for this are with each other instead of against each other.

I have stepped out from this circle and now I am on the search, after like-minded people!

I call after all warriors of the light!

I concentrate on new things, even more ingenuity, even more cooperation, even more time profit for more creativity!

Especially when it comes to your own well-being and your own health, should it be worth more to you!

Everything starts with your decision and small but safe steps. The dose makes the elixir of life!

Do you invest in your future and give me your precious attention and your valuable time and your loyal thinking?

Than you get the opportunity to create your personal, free and future-oriented mental and physical foundation!

I MEL so NEW Lifestyle is authentic!

I stand behind you – online or persona!

I help you at the realization of your dreams!

Consistently - with each other - individually growing - being stronger together

As simple, as never before ;-) SO NEW

Together in peace and harmony SO NEW


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