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Weight loss

Decrease in weight is not = decrease in weight

As already mentioned we know that the decrease in weight is not necessarily equated to the dismantling by body fat, this is still an indicator which speaks for the success of the low carbohydrate nutrition. You lose in the course of carbohydrate-diminished eating habits at the beginning faster weight than it is the case, for example, with a fat-reduced nutrition what can be explained with the help of the fact that every gram of carbohydrates binds about 2.7 grams of water to itself.

Low carb nutrition

Studies prove that carbohydrate-diminished diets remove excessive stored water from the organism what leads of course within the first weeks to a considerable weight decrease and allows that the body looks tauter. Next positive aspect of this nutrition is that your hunger is reined by the Low-Carb diet.

Hunger cravings

Probably the most frequent expected effect which has a diet on the human body, in particular on the psyche are the agonizing hunger attacks as a result of the strict calorie reduction. What leads to the fact that many surrender their plans.

More proteins

The low carb eating habits diminish this effect, because the carbohydrates are substituted for proteins and fats. These slow down the digestion process and hold accordingly longer full. The blood sugar level is stabilized by the reduced absorption of short chain carbohydrates, so that hunger attacks are not of the case anymore. Therefore nothing more stands in the way of a healthy and long-term weight loss!

You can melt your visceral fat by the carbohydrate-reduced diet!

Many concentrate only upon the visible subcutaneous fat. However, we should not forget that the visceral fat can damage the organism, because this files round the internal organs. Scientific examinations have proved that a clearly raised portion of visceral fat can limit the functional ability of heart and liver, promotes the insulin resistance and which can lead to considerable metabolic changes.

As has been proved the carbohydrate-diminished diet support the dismantling process substantially better than comparable other eating habits. The occurrence of national diseases like diabetes type II is bent forward by this healthy nutrition transposition.

Lower the triglyceride concentration in the blood with the carbohydrate-diminished diet!

Here is the speech of the fat molecules which raise the cardiac infarction risk significantly. Only too many are of the acceptance that in this case it was completely clear to reduce the consumption of fats and to substitute them with carbohydrates as it was the case particular in the 1980s.

However, new researches confirm precisely the opposite. Famous scientists have proved that the triglyceride levels have decreased dramatically in individuals who reduce their carbohydrate intake compared to those who do not.

Decrease the cardiac infarction risk

We get to the fact that the cardiac infarction risk can be reduced with the help of a low carbohydrates nutrition.

Increase the HDL level by a carbohydrate low nutrition!

HDL is one of the lipoproteins which ensures that cholesterol molecules are transported from the periphery back to the liver in the organism. The lipoprotein LDL keeps going on the opposite mechanism. An overweight favored of the HDLs reduces the cardiac infarction risk, which is why the increasing of the HDL level should be promoted through the daily diet. The carbohydrate-reduced diet, which significantly increases the HDL level due to the increased consumption of fats, has proved particularly effective here.

Lower your blood sugar level with the low-carb nutrition!

Any kind of carbohydrates you consume, has in common, they all are split in short chain glucose molecules which provides the increase of the blood sugar level. However, in our today's time vast amounts are consumed in carbohydrates what leads in particular cases to so-called Insulin peaks which allow to rise the blood sugar level upwards what entails the decrease of the insulin sensibility in many cases and ends in the worst case with diabetes of type II. A carbohydrate-diminished diet can help to stabilize the blood sugar level, according to book examinations.

Within the scope of a study with diabetics one found out that the insulin dose was lowered daily about 50% by the application of the carbohydrate-diminished nutrition within less days.

Lower your blood pressure by the reduction of the carbohydrate absorption!

A too high blood pressure is a trigger for numerous illnesses which has to be taken seriously in many cases. Studies show that a carbohydrate-reduced diet has a positive effect on the blood pressure, which can significantly reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack or kidney failure.

Fight actually against the metabolic syndrome with the low carbohydrate diet!

Also, famous as the deadly quartet. On this occasion, it concerns a combination of strong overweight, high blood pressure as well as high triglyceride and blood glucose values. Every single component of the syndrome has considerable effects on the health of the whole organism. The carbohydrate-diminished nutrition which contributes to the reduction of every single symptom can be used therefore also in the context of the metabolic syndrome aim-leading and successfully.

How affects the low carbohydrate diet the brain?

It is absolutely right that a part of the human brain can only use glucose to maintain its functional integrity, which however does not have to be fed through carbohydrates. The liver is able to won glucose from proteins, therefore the care of the brain is guaranteed. Scientists worldwide are using carbohydrate-reduced diets to study many therapies with intolerable diseases that are closely associated with carbohydrate consumption.

As we see, it has been confirmed that really a lot hangs together with our nutrition and bad eating habits. How long want you still continue in such a way, after have been reading this information? Is your well-being and your health really so little worth? I think, it is time to turn inside and to think seriously about it!


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